Welcome to Atomic DarkRP

This server is about having fun and not taking itself too serious, however this does not take away from the fact that we strive for the best in server quality! If you enjoy the survive consider donating!


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25% Off the entire store until August 30th, 2018! Custom job extra addons are unaffected by the sale.

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Hey you hewwwwwwwwwre's some info

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this another trash server trying to scam players off donations?

Absolutely not, you can have your own opinion about the server, but we are anything but money hungry owners who are just looking to make a quick profit. All purchased ranks have been saved as well. All profits will be going back into the server's development and wellbeing.

Contact Us

We are dedicated to helping you with any issue you may have! Please contant us through our support email or join our discord server! http://discord.gg/5qVkRUy. Response time on an email is about 24 hours.

Where does donation money go?

Donation money is put toward our hosting costs, which are several hundreds of dollars a month. We then pay our developer, who puts in several hours of his personal time to develop and shape the server.