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I tried using the Ban appeal on the website but it keeps saying I've already submitted the max amount of appeals.

This is what happen, but in short, I left because it was 10pm and I was going to bed.

I was alone on the server, so I decided to set up bitminer. Then some guy joins, who had walls on, and will not stop RDMing. So, I blocked myself in my base(still didn't help) since there was no one else on to assist me. He leaves, then a couple of hours later 2 other people join. I was afk at this time and did not notice. It was almost 10pm, so I came back on to finish up my bitminers and leave. Before I could do that I noticed my door was gone, and before I could even react the world door swings open and I get raided. So, I wait down the street from my base until I see the guy leave and the raid end. I go back into my base to see if anything is there and nothing. Then the admin comes over and said I was breaking NLR. I tried to explain that I waited until the raid had ended but he was not listening to a word I said. He then jails me, it's past 10pm, time for bed, so I leave.
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I'm just gonna deny this in short, and also this isn't exactly the place to be doing appeals.
Denied for the following reasons
1. You're not allowed to propblock off a base, and you did not respond to any contact when told to remove said propblock, so it had to be done manually. Strike 1.
2. After being raided you immediately went back to the base, with no regard for nlr. Strike 2.
3. You left during your jail-time as punishment, bed or not-to avoid having to deal with the consequences. Next time, think about your actions, and read the rules. Strike 3, and you're out lad.
This is not up for discusion, serve out your ban.

Surely, you could wait another day-it's not that hard.
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