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Law Enforcement:
  • You may not be corrupt.
  • You can't build a base as law enforcement.
  • Do not abuse your stun stick and arrest/unarrest batons.
  • You can decorate PD if you'd like.
  • Try to only shoot if a criminal is either resisting arrest, if they have a gun out and will not put it away, or if they are shooting at people.
  • You have to follow the mayor, but only if what he says isn't breaking the server rules.
  • You may have one checkpoint with ADMIN permission only and you can only have 2 fading doors for people to walk/drive through. You can have a control room that can only have a maximum of 2 fading doors to get to.
  • You can arrest or shoot someone who is resisting a weapon check.
  • You may only weapon check if a person is in a checkpoint, it's a lockdown and they are outside, or if the person has committed a crime and is handcuffed.
  • You may only be in the PD party.
  • You may not raid the bank, you are to protect it at all costs.
Police Chief/Civil Protection:
  • You may only use SMGs, shotguns, and pistols.
  • You may raid along with SWAT.
President's Guard:
  • Your job is to protect the president no matter what the cost.
  • If there is no president, you must quit this job and be something else.
  • You also may not participate in raids with other law enforcement, you are only meant to be protecting the president.
  • No random lockdowns, you may only lockdown if there is a PD raid or the president wants to build a checkpoint.
  • You can't raid along with other law enforcement, you are not a cop, you are the president.
  • You may put any laws you like as long as they don't break any rules.
  • You may buy a house, but may not have any defenses and you must have a guard with you.
  • Lockdowns are to last a maximum of 10 minutes, if you do not end lockdown, a staff member will be permitted to do it themselves.
  • You may print money only in the bank, you can't use bitcoin either as you can't have a base with defenses.
  • You may not ask for taxes or be corrupt.
  • You may take bail for people to get out of jail. The max you can charge is $20,000.
  • You are to base with criminal players.
  • You can own any gun you'd like.
  • If you find anything illegal in the person's base, you are to report it to the president or police chief to get a warrant and raid the place.
  • Players can't FailRP by not letting you base with them because you are a spy.
  • You may own a house without defenses.
  • You may print money only in a bank.
  • You can not base with criminals of any kind.
  • You can not raid.
  • You may only use handguns for self-defense.
Hobo/Hobo Leader:
  • You can build outside, but you may not build out into the streets.
  • You may not have a build that floats, allows you to prop-fly, or hangs off of another building.
  • You can ask people for money.
  • You can mic spam.
  • You can spam bug bait to annoy people into giving you money.
  • You can not own a gun bigger than a pistol unless you are Hobo Leader, in which case you may have a shotgun.
  • You may not raid, print, or even use bitcoin, you are homeless after all.
Security Guard:
  • You may raid or base along with the person that hired you.
  • You are not a police officer, you are only to help defend a person.
  • You can not base by yourself.
  • You are to protect homes, businesses, or people for a fee.
  • You may not charge more than 50,000 for your services.
  • You may only protect someone until wither you or they die, afterward they have to purchase your services again.
  • You can print if your employer approves of it.
Bank Teller:
  • You can only build in the bank.
  • You may not put up more than 3 fading doors in the bank.
  • You can only own shotguns, pistols, and SMGs.
  • You can store your own printers in the vault.
  • You have to allow other people to store their printers in the vault.
  • You are to protect the bank at all costs if a raid were to happen.
Bank Security:
  • You may only build in the bank.
  • You may put printers in the vault if you want to.
  • You are to protect the bank no matter what.
  • You may not leave the bank unless it is to get a weapon to defend it with.
Gun Dealer:
  • You may own a shop, not a base.
  • You have to sell weapons or you will be demoted.
  • You may hire a security guard to defend your shop.
  • You may only supply guns to you and your security guard(s) if you build a shop and sell guns.
  • You can't self-supply. (Become gun dealer to buy weapons and then change back without building a shop and selling guns.)
  • You must have a window with which to sell guns at, no "PM me for guns".
  • You can go around asking people if they want to buy a gun.
Black Market Dealer:
  • You may base with criminals.
  • You must own a store of some kind. (PM me for weapons is allowed as the black market dealer)
  • Law enforcement is not allowed to buy from you.
  • You may be raided if law enforcement sees you selling illegal weapons.
  • You may not self-supply.
Meth Cook:
  • You may base with other criminals.
  • You have to sell your product to the meth addicts littered around the map.
  • You may print in your base.
  • You aren't allowed to raid.
Thief/Pro Thief/Crime Lord:
  • You may base with other criminals.
  • You may raid.
  • You may carjack.
  • You may print in your base.
  • You may not base or print.
  • You may only charge up to 50k with hits.
  • You can use any weapon you'd like to complete your hit.
  • You may kill a hit if they were out of spawn and then went into spawn to try to not get killed.
Bank Robber:
  • You may only raid the bank, you can not raid bases.
  • You can have any gun you want.
  • You can only raid if there are 2 or more law enforcement.
  • You must advert Bank Raid to raid the bank.
  • You can have regular thieves assist you in the raid, but you must be the one to advert Bank Raid.
  • You must advert Rape before using the rape swep.
  • You may only rape every 10 minutes, and for the same person, you must wait for 20 minutes.
  • You may base with other criminals.
  • You may only have a pistol or shotgun.
  • You may base to have a place to store your kidnapees.
  • You may base with other criminals.
  • You may only have a pistol, a shotgun, or an SMG.
  • You must advert kidnap before kidnapping someone.
  • You can kidnap 1 person, but you may only keep them for 15 minutes.
  • If the person logs out or resists getting kidnapped, that is FailRP.
  • If a cop sees you kidnapping someone, you are KOS/AOS to them.
Gang Members:
  • You may only base with other gang members.
  • You can have a megabase with up to 6 fading doors if you have a full gang party.
  • Cripz have to base with Cripz, and Bloods have to base with Bloods.
  • You can commence gang wars that will last only up to 20 minutes.
  • Anyone who gets in the middle of the gang war is KOS.
  • Cops are KOS when there is a gang war.
  • Both gangs must advert Gang War when starting a gang war.
  • The other gang has 5 minutes to respond to the first gang wars advert.
  • You must wait 1 hour before commencing another war.
  • If the other gang doesn't respond within 5 minutes, you have to wait 30 minutes before adverting again.
  • You must advert terror before using your bomb.
  • You are KOS/AOS by law enforcement with your bomb out. You may shoot them in self-defense.
  • You can only bomb once every 5 minutes.
  • You can plant your bomb on somebody's car.
Radio DJ:
  • You may build a club or be hired by someone to play music for them.
  • You may take song requests for a fee.
  • You can not charge more than $1,000 for a request
  • You can only own a pistol.
  • You may only build a base to work on cars.
  • You can have only 2 fading doors for your base.
  • You can only print in the bank.
  • You may charge only up to 50k for repairing a vehicle.
  • You may only own a pistol or an SMG.
7 Year Old:
  • You are a 7-year-old, so you do not have a home.
  • You may live with one of the mothers if she wants to base with you.
  • You can mic spam like a hobo.
  • You can not own any weapons besides your pickaxe.
  • You cannot do anything illegal.
Oil Worker:
  • You may base only with other oil workers.
  • You can own only pistols, shotguns, and SMGs.
Mod/Admin on Duty:
  • You can not roleplay at all and must take any sits available while as this job.
  • You may be asked to become this job if there is not enough staff on duty.
  • You may not spawn any props or mess around in anyway.
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